recent press R.Ege Antiques

“R. Ege is as much a curio museum as it is an antique store, and its curator is one Rick Ege, whose eye for detail is second to none. Ege’s eye for art, artifacts, and ephemera – from carnival items to tramp art, from apothecary supplies, to vintage sporting equipment to antique robots – is rivaled only by his ability to perfectly place each item for sale on a shelf or a table as though he were a still-life painter.”
St. Louis Riverfront Times, Best of St. Louis Awards, “Best Antiques Shop”

“Here, I’m sorry to say you probably won’t find anything your grandmother had… except maybe if your grandmother was Gertrude Stein or wa-aaay ahead of her time.  Rick’s eye is one you can trust.  If Rick has it – it’s good, it’s worthy, it’s rare and it’s wonderful.”
John Foster, Accidental Mysteries Blog

“For our money (which is, alas, limited) the A-List award has to be a direct shot to R. Ege Antiques. The choices are eclectic, but fabulous. The finds are rare, craftily designed and architecturally intriguing – and rarely, if ever, found in a grandma’s attic.”
St. Louis Magazine, A-List, “Best Antiques Store”

“Looking around the shop, it is easy to appreciate the accuracy of Ege’s inner eye, which allows him to mix industrial with decorative, fine art with folk, and American objects with European imports.”
Style Century Magazine

“Rick Ege, owner of R. Ege Antiques, offers antiques with unique features and window displays that take your breath away.”
Country Home Magazine

“With an eclectic mix ranging from copper and iron doll molds to a primitive poplar cupboard, his very different merchandise resonated with buyers.”
Maine Antique Digest

“The art of window display long ago lost its luster… The window at R. Ege Antiques in Soulard, however, is a constantly evolving still-life worthy of Joseph Cornell.”
St. Louis Riverfront Times, Best of St. Louis Awards, “Best Window Display”

“Here you will find everything from the fabulous to the funky. If you love Americana, you’ll be in heaven here.”
St. Louis At Home Magazine, “The Best of (Just About) Everything”